My name is Kelseigh N. but you can call me Kels if you like.

I’m pretty much the picture of a fledgeling writer, so I don’t really have much beyond this page and a couple of fanfics on AO3 to brag about. So in terms of fiction, this is pretty much what you get.

I’ve been involved in a bunch of online communities, such as RationalWiki, Dynasty Scans (where I’m currently the forum moderator), and I used to run the Transgender community on LiveJournal if anyone remembers that. Heck, if anyone remembers LiveJournal at all, let alone the community.

Originally, I’m from Nova Scotia, but I’ve been living in Ontario for the past decade or so. I loved it back east, but I’ll be honest it’s not the most prosperous place in the world. Although it was for love that I left, rather than economics.

Professionally, I’ve been a lot of things. A legal secretary, a dishwasher, an animation student, a security guard, a data entry clerk, a home care worker, a dispatcher, and a few other things besides. But fate being what it is, I’m trying again, this time as a writer.

In the end, this is what I’m betting my future on, and hopefully I’ll improve on my skill enough to be worth your readership. I promise I’ll do my best.