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Carmen & Rose – Parts 1 – 5

Welcome to the start of my ongoing project, Carmen & Rose. This is intended to be a series of very short 200-word stories, which together form a larger story, a romantic comedy about two idiots who have no business being in a romantic comedy. The idea is to make something similar to Chris Baldwin’s classic webcomic Bruno, where the entire narrative is presented via largely self-contained one-panel strips. As a rough guide, I’m picking themes for each story from the 100 Themes Challenge, and as you might expect the plan is to make 100 stories about my violence babies. Hopefully you’ll come to like them in time.

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A Plague Of Lucy

Talk about a departure from my usual work! This was a brutal story to write, and as terrible as it sounds, I hope it’s just as brutal to read. 

Stylistically, the biggest inspiration for this piece is the fact that I’ve been reading a lot more contemporary SF lately, mostly from Apex and Uncanny magazines. It’s great stuff, but a dramatic shift from the SF I grew up with. So this is my effort to follow the overall style I’m seeing in modern work, which I think is pretty appealing. I’m not sure I succeed on that score, but the effort has value.

Content Note: Violence

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