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Sing For Me

After writing a story for Brick Moon that didn’t really work out so well, and my editor tells me that most writers had trouble with the same prompt, I needed a “hangover story” to get me back on track. This is that story. The concept of this was based on one simple image: a woman singing on the shore while a mermaid secretly listened in. From there things got interesting, and a lot more dark than I expected.

I submitted this on the spur of the moment to a literary SF quarterly I’d recently been made aware of, but sadly it didn’t fit their needs. So here it is for you fine people.

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Carmen & Rose – Parts 1 – 5

Welcome to the start of my ongoing project, Carmen & Rose. This is intended to be a series of very short 200-word stories, which together form a larger story, a romantic comedy about two idiots who have no business being in a romantic comedy. The idea is to make something similar to Chris Baldwin’s classic webcomic Bruno, where the entire narrative is presented via largely self-contained one-panel strips. As a rough guide, I’m picking themes for each story from the 100 Themes Challenge, and as you might expect the plan is to make 100 stories about my violence babies. Hopefully you’ll come to like them in time.

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A Rendezvous, To Set Your Mind At Rest

This is a short one, and deliberately so. In my self-training to become a better writer, I’ve decided that one thing I need is to learn more efficient storytelling. So in order to do that I’ve started imposing stricter limits on my word count. This particular story was written with a hard limit of 750 words, a far cry from the 7 or 8 thousand word stories I’ve been doing. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but I’m finding it to be very much worth the effort. 

The location of the story is inspired by a real place in Nova Scotia.

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A Mirror’s Surrender

This story started as an entry into Chuck Wendig’s weekly flash fiction challenge, but due to various reasons I ended up missing the deadline. So I went ahead and started rewriting it to increase the quality.  The challenge in question was to pick two genres at random from a list of 20, and write a crossover story in 1,500 words or less. As luck would have it, I ended up with “Parallel Worlds” and “BDSM Erotica”.  The way forward seemed pretty obvious from there.

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Way Down the Hole

Written for the first anniversary contest at Beginning Writer, with the theme of “A Creative Person”.  Sadly it didn’t win, not unexpected for a first try.  I’ll do better on my next attempt I’m certain.

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Purgatory Has Too Nice a View

This was written as an entry for Chuck Wendig’s weekly Flash Fiction Challenge over at his site, involving taking someone else’s character concept (created for the previous week’s challenge) and writing a story within 2k words. I chose Kira Jessup’s character, Ryan Healey, from her page.

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